Embracing Conflict

Conflict takes on many forms in the workplace. When embracing conflict it can be a challenge especially when you haven’t officially articulated and accepted its presence.

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Preparing for an Interview

When preparing for an interview, you can arm yourself by reading information about the company or organization that you are interviewing with.

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The Importance of Employee Recognition

It’s important to recognize team members for the outstanding contributions they make in regard to the team effort.  In order to promote a happy workplace, it’s key to have an employee recognition program in place which will pay recognition to those who go above and beyond the call of duty.Through the implementation of an employee recognition program, companies stand a greater chance of heightening workplace morale. As we encounter challenging times, this indeed will function as the boost that many need to perform their assigned duties.

If your company elects to implement an employee recognition program, it’s important to ensure that the rewards have interest and value to the employees.  If the program incentives are not attractive, the program will lose it’s impact.  In order to ensure that your employee recognition program is enticing, conduct a survey and develop your program around the information that is provided in the survey. Listen to your team members, they have a voice that is waiting anxiously to be heard.



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