Unmasking the Torch Bearer: Awakening the Light Within You

Unmasking the Torch Bearer provides functional evidence of the universal language that unites everyone. As we bond in the song of struggle, our daily journey encompasses gingerly docking on the shores of happiness, becoming immersed in the tides of anger, experiencing the still of defeat and dismay, as well as indulging in the draft of sorrow. Nonetheless, through each of these meaningful experiences, there is a light that can be illuminated. From this, we are then granted the greatest opportunity to maximize on our greatness. With this in mind, it is up to each of us to discover how to ignite the spiritual light that functions as our guide. Author Steven D. Morrison’s stories, concluding with the “Motivation in the Moment” and “The Awakening” sections, provide a realistic backdrop to facilitate understanding of his rationale while stimulating self-reflection. Indeed, Unmasking the Torch Bearer will graciously serve as an instrument to ignite the light that exists within each of us.