Pivotal Moments

Pivotal Moments functions as an amazing opportunity to discover how we must honor the past, celebrate the moment, and embrace the future. Stemming from our youth, too often, as we move through each day, we are saluted with a plethora of moments that are defining moments but are referenced as insignificant. No matter how complicated or simple they may seem, these moments are truly invaluable.

In consideration of this, it is important to capture a practical understanding of how these essential moments serve as a channel to the excellence that resides deep within each of us. Author Steven D. Morrison’s stories, concluding with the “Motivation in the Moment” and “The Awakening” section, provides critical reflection, while promoting awareness that tomorrow can introduce favorable change when the desire is purposefully introduced.

It is important to arrest an understanding that circumstances are aligned with precision to introduce people, situations, and events. In consideration of this, it is imperative to take a moment to analyze how these variables will define us and purposefully move us to our desired destination in life.