Embracing Conflict

Conflict takes on many forms in the workplace. When embracing conflict it can be a challenge especially when you haven’t officially articulated and accepted its presence.

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The Economy and the Workplace

As the economy continues to shift downward, we are all faced to question whether or not our employment will be compromised.  Because of this, we owe it to ourselves to take ownership in maintaining our livelihood, and not to allow the companies in which we are employed by to dictate our well being.

It’s important to remember that companies are in business to generate an income. Because of this, some business decisions are made in favor of the company and not the employees.  When financial hardships strike your company, you must decide to weather the storm or to seek shelter under the employment umbrella of another company.

The most insightful means of settling this debate would be to consider the fact that as financial hardships surface, the company will do what is necessary to thrive as a business entity. This can include terminating your employment if it’s cost-effective.

In short, maintain loyalty to the career plan that you have prescribed for yourself.  It’s important to remain prepared in the event that you are dismissed or you have to surrender your employment. Remember, as your company plans strategically for tomorrow, so should you.



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